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Locating Pipelines

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Always call 811 before you dig

Most pipelines, including the JBBR Pipeline, are buried underground for safety reasons, but this also puts them at risk for accidental damage caused by construction, farming and drilling.
Markers, which are color coded by the product transported as shown in the diagram to the right, identify the approximate path of the pipelines, but they do not provide all the information necessary to initiate an excavation. Calling 811 can help you identify key factors, such as the depth, the number of pipelines buried and the exact position of the lines to ensure that your dig goes safely and smoothly.

811 is a free, nationwide number designed to keep you safe when digging or excavating.* Calling 811 is a simple process and is always the safest option anytime you are moving dirt.

Plan to call 811 two to three business days before excavating (depending on state laws). You can visit to find out if online locate requests can be made for the state where you will be working.

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